Store Daniel Thiel Wiesbaden

Sie finden alle Marken ab sofort in der Wilhelmstr. 32 in Wiesbaden.




What we believe in

The beauty of rediscovered traditions and the eternal appeal of elegance and comfort.

What we strive for

We want our clothing to be a reflection of how well we work together with our Italian master tailors. It is the key to the connection with our customers.

What we respect

People, nature, premium workmanship and durable materials.

What we want to change

We strive to redefine the relationship of fashion and clothing by exclusively creating long-lasting pieces.

What we orient ourselves on

We go by our customers’ wishes, not by collection cycles. This means: We offer our customers articles that correspond to the time of the year – not the spring collection at Christmas. To us, timelessness also means: clothing you can wear all year round.

What we appreciate

Skilful workmanship, durable materials and artistic class. To us, these are the characteristics of exceptional quality.

What we care about

A fair and quality-based production process that is accountable in every detail and therefore PDO certified.
(Protected Designation of Origin)

Slow Fashion

The alternative to fast fashion

Does fashion have to be as fast-paced as it has become in the past years? Nobody likes this devolpement. But still they all go with along with it. Like a craze. As if there were people out there who cleared out their entire wardrobe every two weeks. Weber+Weber Sartoria is a statement against this raging collectionitis. An idea that combines serene creative power from Austria with artisanal Italian tailoring. Our fashion only has one claim: to be beautiful in the long run.

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