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Fabiana Filippi

The perfect rhythm of nature

Created during an unprecedented moment in history, the new Fabiana Filippi collection is the fruit of passionate teamwork. Within the hardships created by this unique situation, the entire company has found renewed awareness, a rebirth through the rediscovery of everyday sensations.

Admiring the timeless beauty of the place the brand has its roots, Umbria, the collection is an ode to the relaxed movement of nature, an exploration of the harmony inherent to the unhurried rhythm of its forms.

The garments in the upcoming spring/summer collection reflect the need to re-tune our senses to the environment, to listen to and embrace the lessons of nature. Its capacity for rebirth and regeneration, its colours and shapes, changing with the seasons, have always been a great source of inspiration for the brand, which has consistently approached nature with respect, on tiptoe.

This starts from the selection of the materials, with organic cotton as the absolute star along with classics such as linen, cashmere and silk.

Substantial fabrics are paired with impalpable transparencies. Tulle and organza dresses interrelate harmoniously with denim, pinstripes, and brocade jacquard.

The collection is as thrilling to touch as it is to see, with textured, crisp fabrics. Crinkle effects lend dynamism to cotton, jersey and nappa leather. Exquisite fil coupé captures the spring breeze, while knitwear is defined by beautiful crochet. Elegant pleats elevate formal dresses.

Each piece is guided by versatility, style and lightness, to provide women with unique refinement, every moment of the day. Short shirts and jackets can be worn with comfortable high-rise culotte trousers. Menswear-inspired pinstripes become softer, gentler. Couture belts and waistbands decorate dresses and matching tops and bottoms.

Delicately balanced colours take us to a luminous landscape. Blue in its different shades, going from the hue of the sea to that of a clear sky. The warm colours of fields, earth, wood and stone. Timeless black and white effortlessly combine with natural shades of beige and peach.

The new collection looks to a future defined by shared emotions.
For this very reason, Fabiana Filippi has chosen to present the collection in an inclusive format, to be shared with the entire city of Milan.

From Thursday, 24 September to Monday, 28 September, during Fashion Week, a video of the collection will be projected each evening on the entire façade of the Fabiana Filippi building in the Porta Romana quarter.
In so doing, Fabiana Filippi aims to express a personal message of positivity and solidarity with Milan, the symbolic capital of Italian fashion and a bridge to the world for Made-in-Italy goods.