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When traditional meets modern and elegant meets casual.

windsor. is more than a brand. Our fashion is more than clothing. It is a lifestyle. windsor. is meant for people for whom quality and modernity are basic principles of their lives. windsor. has stood for premium fashion for more than a hundred years.

Those who wear windsor. combine tradition with the style of the present day, elegance with informality, luxury with quality, self-confidence with understatement. Windsor. unites the instinct for the classical with a feeling for the times we live in. The result is an unmistakable look which is absolutely timeless.

We are not interested in trends, but in people, and the way they live, work and travel. In people who live life confidently. windsor. people feel at home all over the world, they travel, look, listen and ask the right questions. They have an instinct for unobtrusive style, for exciting characters, and for supreme elegance. For the perfect moment: when you have arrived. When you are content.