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Sie finden alle Marken ab sofort in der Wilhelmstr. 32 in Wiesbaden.


Wunder Fell


Wunderfell (Wonder-Fur) stands for innovative but timeless leather fashion of unique identity and lasting value. We create unparalleled products of excellent quality in handcrafted mastership and accompany their sales with various services.

With focus on customer benefits, our actions are aimed at long-term connections. By closely integrating environmental management, ecological product safety and social commitment, we take more than just self-evident responsibility.


shows superior jackets and coats in a soft, relaxed look. It combines sophisticated nonchalance, self-confidence, well-being and comfort. Selected raw materials and lovingly crafted nuances characterize completed beauty.

Without us to go into the scheme of classical target group assignment, we passionately develop emotive products for the modern, ageless people of our time. They have a strong sense of fashion and aesthetics, appreciate quality and details.


offers the top quality of a through and through European production. The skins used come out from by-products of the food industry. They are repeatedly selected, carefully dyed in environmentally preservation processes and durably refined. The result is a soft and cuddly wool miracle, a wonderful “Wunderfell” miracle coat.