The Asoni Group is a Switzerland based specialist for shirt making. Our goal is to offer fair shirts and blouses at fair prices. Vertical integration and the complete control over the supply and manufacturing chain allow us to present a high quality product. We established long term relationships with the commerce and implemented valuable cooperations. Thus fully meets our requirement to live product quality as our highest priority.

The Asoni Group was founded 1972 by Hans Aeberhard. His vision: to manufacture the best white shirt. He named it ARTIGIANO, which is Italian and stands for workmanship of the highest level, our basic principal until today. In the beginning we solely produced in the Tessin. In the following years we opened up a production facility in Portugal, since 2014 we came also back to Mendrisio, both company owned locations.

We are a team. The effort of each and every one of us is equally important in the whole making of-process. Our knowledge and experience as well as working as a team are the essential elements for more sustainable developments to come.

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