Steffen Schraut


Since 2002, the German fashion designer Steffen Schraut has been crafting styles for women that are minimalist and yet reveal an extraordinary attention to detail.

His stylish collection combine sophistication and femininity and is always sure to be in fashion.

That Schraut has many years of experience as a trend-scout for renowned international brands is apparent when you look at his handwriting for the top-fashion segment: the focus remains fixed on the product and not on its creator.

His fashion connects luxury and comfort with a hint of sexiness. Working closely with his design team, and gifted with a sure sense for future trends, the fashion entrepreneur releases straightforward trendy styles.

He likes to translate cutting-edge fashion into wearable and most notably into moderately priced garments every season.
Fine fabrics such as cashmere, jersey material or silk-stretch highlight the individual personality of the woman wearing them and the distinct lines make for great silhouettes. And all followed by little amazing details.

STEFFEN SCHRAUT emphasizes the importance of proportions, of contours and of the proper selection of fabrics.
Each collection builds upon a unique color concept, and you can expect something new and refreshing every time.

The unique nature of the brand is underpinned by the choice of CORPORATE DESIGN. Developed by design-godfather Peter Schmidt, it strongly reinforces the signature traits of the Steffen Schraut Brand: Well-defined and self-assured.

Labels für Frauen bei Daniel Thiel in Wiesbaden